The Code of Conduct

The Video gaming wiki can be a good experience for everyone — member or not — you can still be involved and enjoy the fun!
But there are rules you must follow to enjoy this experience.
They will be listed below:

  • It is a requirement that ALL users report their IP address to the administrators, including the Master Administrator for future reference.
  • DO NOT mention anybody's personal information (even if you know it or not).
  • DO NOT mention your personal information (Includes Amazon Gift Card Codes) to ANYONE.
  • Please post in the correct forum category (e.x., Halo would belong in the Xbox forum) and please talk about relevant things.
  • PLEASE keep this site clean! Refrain from double-posting in threads. If you need to add something, just click the Edit button under your post.
  • Remember, nobody is perfect. A few rules or comments can break some rules, (on accident of coarse) overtime, which is Okay. Please just keep it under control.
  • Please talk about video games that are CLEAN. Any games that are rated R, contains explicit content, pornography, drugs, unlawful information, etc., are strictly prohibited from this site.
  • Please be kind to new contributors. Everyone is different, so act like they are.
  • Bypassing bans is strictly prohibited. If you do anyways, we will permanently ban you via IP address, and forget about VPN's because we can always bypass that. Don't try anyways.
  • Please do not post any personal information, such as your email address, address, age, phone # etc,., for your safety.
  • Verbal Warnings and Private messages will be sent to you if any rules are broken (either accident or not).
  • Do not post in forums that are over 3 months old.
  • Do not do anything that involves racism, sexism, or anything else. This may offend you or others.

Any broken rules that are marked in red, you will be banned and removed from this site permanently.

Any important rules or codes broken can be resulted to:

  • Verbal warning
  • Private message
  • Post deletion
  • Thread locking
  • Membership removal
  • IP address banning
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