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Please post in the correct forum category. This is your 3rd warning, and you should know better. If I have to remind you again, punishments are going to be added.
EDIT: Thread moved to correct category, thread locked.

HaXIgwj.png Bio_Hazard1282
Re: Quiz Ideas by Bio_Hazard1282Bio_Hazard1282, 17 Apr 2018 14:10
Quiz Ideas
GatoradeDCGatoradeDC 07 Apr 2018 06:27
in discussion Quiz ideas / Quiz ideas » Quiz Ideas

What about Triforce Heroes for the Nintendo 3DS? Tha'd be AWESOME!

Quiz Ideas by GatoradeDCGatoradeDC, 07 Apr 2018 06:27

I'd really wish I could help, I don't own an Xbox One X. :P

EDIT 2: I found out what that is, it is a hack to IPhone. (🏳0🌈) as a warning, do not post it ever again.

HaXIgwj.png Bio_Hazard1282
Re: Help on Xbox One by Bio_Hazard1282Bio_Hazard1282, 18 Mar 2018 22:09
XBocks Fixer Pro Plus (guest) 18 Mar 2018 21:08
in discussion Community / Open Topic » Help on Xbox One

Reboot your system. You may need to do a software update. (If your able to)

by XBocks Fixer Pro Plus (guest), 18 Mar 2018 21:08

My Xbox One X crashed and I can't fix the problem. Can anyone help?? Thx

PLEASE AND THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {Deleted Text}

Help on Xbox One by GatoradeDCGatoradeDC, 18 Mar 2018 07:48
Test Thread
Bio_Hazard1282Bio_Hazard1282 01 Mar 2018 20:10
in discussion Community / Open Topic » Test Thread

Test Post
(Do not delete)

HaXIgwj.png Bio_Hazard1282
Test Thread by Bio_Hazard1282Bio_Hazard1282, 01 Mar 2018 20:10

Welcome to the site!
Glad to see ya!

HaXIgwj.png Bio_Hazard1282

With all do respect the title "let's be serios pc master race is best race" That should read "why Pc's are better than Game consoles" But moreover, graphics are the main key for a good game(unless your a fan of retro) Anywho, your opinion is excepted on this site and we hope you enjoy it as well as we do:)


I wouldn' know i only play 90s-30s dungeon crawlers so GPU doesn't mean you get a better gaming experience,
it's only for new cash grab titles, well that's what I think

p.s I don't get how the title doesn't talk about the question. It's obviously about a pc being a better chose for the gamer

edit:shucks i used a super old alt account that i forgot about sorry about that

That might be true but Xbox and other game consoles have GPU's (Graphic processing unites) these unites allow the games on other consoles to achieve greater graphics than the PC.

P.S please don't add a title that does not apply to your question. But because your a new member, than I will let that fly by for now.


i wholeheartedly agree with my self that playing with the pc is superior then a xbox, play station, or even the atari lynx
the pc has a port for anything

i have an idea you can post guides and walkthroughs for obscure games so when randos search on google the games they want to see they will find this site
post forums that will cause debate or arguing you know like 4chan and such
no press is bad press

No clue Bio_Hazard1282Bio_Hazard1282 We should promote the site more, or something like that. I don't know, we could try to promote it on Facebook, Or other social media sites, that could help.

And TI-Basic Dude please don't write false or unimportant information to this post, please be a helpful user and don't break any site rules.


We need to find out a way to encourage members into joining this site. Even we are a good team, the site is getting nowhere with 3 people.

What can we do to accomplish this?

HaXIgwj.png Bio_Hazard1282
Re: Guys?
Bio_Hazard1282Bio_Hazard1282 15 Nov 2017 15:03
in discussion Hidden / Deleted threads » Guys?

I agree. You may not have another chance.
Heed Myles_Zadok's advice!

FYI, this thread has been locked. 🔒

You may post or ask things that is VG related.

HaXIgwj.png Bio_Hazard1282
Re: Guys? by Bio_Hazard1282Bio_Hazard1282, 15 Nov 2017 15:03
Re: Guys?
AbduBasheerAbduBasheer 15 Nov 2017 00:57
in discussion Hidden / Deleted threads » Guys?

Bio Hazard has a good point, we don't need rule breakers and/or spammers on our site. You just cause trouble for yourself and others!

Re: Guys? by AbduBasheerAbduBasheer, 15 Nov 2017 00:57
Re: Guys?
Bio_Hazard1282Bio_Hazard1282 09 Nov 2017 15:14
in discussion Hidden / Deleted threads » Guys?

I do not know, you do after all, have quite a history with tibasicdev. You are Thel 'Vadamee, and you have spammed the other site, continuously break the rules, & post in the incorrect forum categories.
We will have to see what TrenlyTrenly says, even I am the Master Admin of this site, I will double check with him.

If I were you, I would not call yourself TI-Basic DudeTI-Basic Dude, or else you will get banned over and over. Name your self something unique, heed Myles_ZadokMyles_Zadok's advice, and change your writing style. I will may or may not move this thread, but we will need responses from other users.

HaXIgwj.png Bio_Hazard1282
Re: Guys? by Bio_Hazard1282Bio_Hazard1282, 09 Nov 2017 15:14
TI-Basic Dude (guest) 08 Nov 2017 19:59
in discussion Hidden / Deleted threads » Guys?

Since this site allows guests can I be a member once again? Or a flat out "No"?

TI-Basic DudeTI-Basic Dude

Guys? by TI-Basic Dude (guest), 08 Nov 2017 19:59

No problem team!

Re: Congratulation by AbduBasheerAbduBasheer, 04 Nov 2017 03:38
Re: Congratulation
LAX18LAX18 03 Nov 2017 14:30
in discussion Community / Open Topic » Congratulation

Thanks AbduBasheer!

Re: Congratulation by LAX18LAX18, 03 Nov 2017 14:30
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