Q: How many PlayStations where made?
A: Around 5 such as: PlayStation, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4( including the pro and slim versions).

Q: Where is PlayStation from?
A: PS was made in Japan by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Q: Is there a handheld version of the PlayStation?
A: Yes! There is the PSP, and the PSP vita.

Q: Is PlayStation VR compatible?
A: Yes, PlayStation is VR compatible with the PS VR headset.


Q:What games does the Xbox have?
A: The Xbox has a wide variety of games with many genres such as, action, strategy, adventure, racing, first person shooter, etc.

Q: Who made Xbox?
A: Xbox was made by Microsoft.

Q: What's the difference of a Xbox controller to a PS controller?
A: A Xbox controller has alphabets while the PS has shapes on it.




Q: How do you un-brick and iPhone from the hack of Jan 1st, 1970?
A: Make sure you battery is COMPLETELY dead. It has to be so dead it can't even show the low battery image. Then, wait 48 hours, then it will be back to the way it was!

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